About the Author

Who is Kate Harrison and why did she write the 5:2 books?

kate-harrisonKate is a novelist and journalist, who struggled with her weight all her adult life, until she started intermittent fasting in 2012. She lost 2 stone/14kg and reached a healthy weight within a few months. When she realised there was no book explaining the approach (this was before any books on 5:2 had been published), she used her own research, experiences and the tips from her Facebook 5:2 group to publish the first full-length book about the approach, The 5:2 Diet Book, in November 2012. She then used her own love of food and cooking to create The Ultimate 5:2 Recipe Book and The 5:2 Good Food Kitchen, and also created 5:2 Your Life: Get happy, healthy and slim, which uses the 5:2 ¡®small changes, big difference¡¯ approach to improve your family life, fitness and work.

To read Kate¡¯s journey, go to?her success story?or listen to her podcasts. And to read more about Kate¡¯s other work, including her novels The Secret Shopper¡¯s Revenge and the Soul Beach thriller trilogy, go to her site, kate-harrison.com or follow her on Twitter @katewritesbooks. You can also see her latest recipes on pinterest.com/katewritesbooks.