How to lose 14lbs in 28 days – & gain better health

How to do The Dirty Diet in 3 steps:

1. Eat a diverse diet 每 including all the foods you love.

Your tastes set the menu, but we want you enjoy full-fat dairy like cheese and yogurt; carbs including fresh veg and fruit, bread, rice and other whole grains; all-round body-builders like nuts, beans plus fish and meat if you like them 每 plus coffee, tea 每 and wine, of course. This means it*s sustainable AND helps your important gut bacteria thrive 每 so you do too.

2. Enjoy 4-5 Plenty Days (up to 1800 calories) and 2-3 Fast Days (up to 800 calories) each week:

The Fast Days are easy to manage, and produce weight loss? plus health benefits . And the Plenty Days are generous & satisfying – and help prevent the metabolic slowdown?some weight loss plans can cause. You won*t feel deprived either with 50+ recipes & customisable meal plans for veggies, vegans, meat-eaters and those who need to avoid certain foods.?

3. Create your own Dirty Diet Blueprint to set your goals, weight loss pace & health gains:

BlueprintOne size definitely doesn*t fit all, so answering simple questions to personalise the Dirty Diet makes it fit you perfectly! Choose your goals: From weight loss pace, to the health symptoms you want to tackle and the bliss foods you want to include, from a G&T with friends, to a Thai takeaway.

And the results?

Our testers lost up to 15lbs/7kg in 28 days and also saw improvements in:

  • mood
  • sleep
  • digestion
  • energy levels
  • attitude to food
  • and much more…

Now read more about what THEY loved about the plan – or get your copy of The Dirty Diet now.