Why I love living dirty – and you will too

Dirty Diet = eat the foods you (and your friendly bacteria) love without banning dairy, carbs 每 or anything else…

I was a yo-yo dieter for three decades till I worked out that guilt 每 caused by bans on everyday foods 每 were doing me more harm than good.

I*ve now been a healthy weight since 2012 每 thanks to the intermittent fasting approach, which allows me to be the size I want AND enjoy all the foods I love.

It’s been such a liberating 6 years – and during this time, I’ve also been following all the scientific research on the importance of our gut bacteria to our weight, mood and immune system.

But it’s also been a bad time for normal eating – faddish &clean* diets have urged us to ban the ingredients our bodies and bacteria love 每 including fibre-rich grains, and body-building cheese and yogurt.

People in my 60,000+ strong 5:2 Facebook group who want to be healthier are understandably confused!

That*s why I wanted to bring what I*ve learned together about sustainable weight loss, ditching guilt and??gut health into a complete plan.

The Dirty Diet 每 ditch the guilt, love your food – is my answer.

Working with expert registered dietitian Helen Phadnis 每 who has spent over a decide helping clients and hospital patients improve their health through diet 每 I*ve designed a plan that encourages eating for pleasure not punishment. You set your own goals and choose your own meals 每 allowing for any allergies and special diets, of course 每 I*m a vegetarian myself.

Our testers lost up to 15lbs/7kg in 28 days 每 but most reported eating MORE than before and felt way better about themselves and their diets.


Like the amazingly successful 5:2 diet, it includes fasting days 每 but with the flexibility to go up to 800 calories if you wish. But The Dirty Diet devotes lots of attention to the Plenty Days too 每? you’ll eat Plenty on 4-5 days a week. With a very generous 1800 calories to play with, we want you to experiment and embrace the widest diet possible 每 your tastebuds and your gut will love you for it. With?50+ new recipes from chocolate granola to blue cheese & potato bake and lamb meatballs, you*ll love eating dirty.

The plan explains the science behind fasting, health-promoting bacteria and forming good habits.

And my Blueprint helps you personalise your meals AND your goals so you can stick to it and get where you want to be.

Buy The Dirty Diet now and join me in my quest to live dirty, eat happy!