Live Happy, Eat Dirty Podcast

Live Happy Eat Dirty – Episode 12 – Kate gets personal about health, weight & kindness

Wondering if fasting is sustainable long-term? This week, Kate celebrated her sixth &fastiversary* 每 six years since she tried fasting for the first time. In a deeply personal and heartfelt podcast, she pays tribute to her mum, explores why kindness and self-care matter in weight loss, and reveals the big secret she’s been hiding…

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Live Happy Eat Dirty – Episode 10 – Tame your irritated gut 每 IBS special

On today*s podcast, we*re talking about one of the most common problems to affect the gut 每 and what we can do about it to make IBS less irritating# as a lifelong sufferer, Dirty Diet and 5:2 author Kate shares what she*s learned about calming a sensitive gut, while registered dietitian Helen Phadnis looks at medical and diet approaches to improving this common and distressing condition.

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Live Happy Eat Dirty – Episode 8 – is kefir the cure for a too-clean world?

&Live* foods which add back the good bacteria are the perfect way to &eat dirty* 每 and dairy kefir can be a delicious way to enjoy the benefits. It used to be tricky to get hold of, but now different brands are appearing in the chiller cabinet, as well as in specialist health shops. But how do you develop a version that tastes good and does you good?

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Live Happy Eat Dirty – Episode 7 – Loving your gut with fantastic ferments

If you*re on a mission to improve your diet 每 and those friendly bacteria 每 then raw pickles like sauerkraut and kimchi are one of the easiest ways to add the good guys back in. And in this edition, Kate chats to Mendel of Loving Foods in Manchester, whose journey to improve his eczema led to the creation of a whole new family business.

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Live Happy Eat Dirty – Episode 6 -The ONE thing you should do to start eating dirty & feeling fantastic

?In today*s Quick and Dirty podcast on a single topic. Kate explores the D in Dirty – which is all about diversity, especially veg and fruit – how adding more variety and quantity into your diet will reap terrific benefits – and give your tastebuds and friendly gut bacteria a treat!

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Live Happy Eat Dirty – Episode 4 – The joy of carbs, why clean eating is torture, plus 5:2 could be good for your heart

In today*s podcast, Helen and Kate talk dirty about carbohydrates 每 why they*re an essential part of our diet, and why cutting them out is so difficult to maintain. We also reveal our own top of the pops when it comes to starchy carbs# and talk about exciting new research on 5:2/Dirty Diet-style fasting and how it may benefit our health.

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Live Happy Eat Dirty – Episode 3 – Don’t ditch your daily bread & secrets of a campaigning baker

Bread has had such a bad press lately – we talk to a campaigning baker who has found ways to enjoy her own produce despite a sensitivity to wheat. Discover the secrets of good bread and why it has a place in your diet.?
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The 5:2 Supercharge Podcast

Do you want to Supercharge your 5:2 journey??
This new podcast accompanies the 30-day Supercharge. We launched it in September 2015 but you can try it ANYTIME.?Every day for a whole month, there*s a challenge or a question or an inspiration to help you: from new food ideas to understanding what helps you form good habits, this podcast will see you through. Are?you?on board?

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5-2 Summer Ready Podcast

This podcast is a summertime special to accompany my new summer e-book 5:2 Summer Ready, which takes favourite tips, recipes and ideas from my other four 5:2 books 每 it*s the ideal short introduction if you*ve never read a book on intermittent fasting. (If you do have my other books, you won*t need this new e-book 每 but this podcast will be perfect for re-inspiration!). And even if you’re in the southern hemisphere, where I know summer is a memory right now, I hope you’ll find it useful!
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5:2 Summer-ready Meditation ONLY

Final summer ready cover

This?specially recorded 10-minute meditation accompanies the e-book,?5:2 Summer Ready, which takes favourite tips, recipes and ideas from my four other 5:2 books 每 it*s the ideal short introduction if you*ve never read a book on intermittent fasting. The meditation combines positive messages and relaxation techniques to help you on fasting and non-fasting days.

This will take around 10 minutes and help you feel relaxed and inspired. If …
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Podcast 12: Trudie*s success after 27-years of yo-yo dieting

In Podcast 12, we*re featuring our first dieter from New Zealand, Trudie McCallum. Trudie had spent almost three decades following a variety of diets, losing and regaining up to 100 kg and also spending up to NZ$1000 (around ?500) &just to get weighed.* Then in 2013 she discovered 5:2, lost 13kg (28 pounds) and is loving the freedom it*s given her and her husband Kenny, who has also lost 10 kg.

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Podcast 11: Sharon’s quest to lose 11 stone/70kg

In Podcast 11, we feature? a remarkable woman who set out to lose 11 stone in weight 15 months ago# and has so far lost nine stone/57 kilos and gone from a size 32 to a UK size 14# After a lifetime of dieting, Sharon Munsey from Bideford in North Devon had very low expectations when she started doing 5:2, but now she*s gone from a size 32 to a UK size 14 and has just taken up running for the first time, at the age of 54.

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Podcast 10: Simone*s guide to losing weight with a disability

In Podcast 10, Kate talks to the truly inspiring Simone Illger, who has lost over four stone in weight despite a disability and mobility issues that make exercise very difficult. Thalidomide, a drug taken by Simone*s mother during pregnancy, led to her being born with severely shortened arms and legs.

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Podcast 9: Foodie Fasting in France with Belinda

In Podcast 9, Kate interviews Belinda Berry, who turned fasting into a gourmet experience by using the delicious local produce from where she lives in south-west France, to create light but tasty meals. Belinda and her husband Graham have lost 15 kilos each 每 that*s over 30 lbs – since beginning intermittent fasting in early 2013 每 which means she*s now wearing clothes three dress sizes smaller.

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Podcast 8: the couple who lost 57kg/9 stone between them

Podcast 8 is now available – and it’s great fun, as I interview a couple who*ve made 5:2 their joint mission 每 and between them, lost almost 9 stone (57 kilos) in weight#

Lizzie and Kevin Baker from Wiltshire in the UK featured in my first cookbook, The Ultimate 5:2 Recipe Book, where we called them Mr and Mrs 5:2.
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Podcast 7: an inspiring true story plus weighing-in!

Episode 7 of the podcast is now available, and it’s a good one! We interview inspiring 5:2 dieter Pippa Cotton, who not only lost 4 stone/25kg but also discovered a new passion for fitness thanks to a ?5 DVD 每 and she’s glowing proof 5:2 works. She chats to Kate Harrison about her story, her new eating habits, and going from being too unhealthy to exercise, to being active every single day.

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Podcast 6: your flexible 5:2 diet & how it fits your life

Episode 6 is all about how fantastically flexible 5:2 is: how to enjoy family life, holidays and special occasions 每 and still stay a healthy weight

Intermittent fasting allows you to enjoy celebrations, family occasions and holidays without guilt, and this podcast offers lots of hints and tips for managing holidays, celebrations, and family meal times. We also discuss whether to talk to family members about fasting. Plus Kate reads another extract from the diary she kept when she embarked on 5:2 每 and raves about the power of beetroot. And she shares her thoughts on the diets discussed in the BBC mini-series, What*s the right diet for you? screened in January 2015.

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Podcast 3: Your Fast Day Survival Kit

Episode 3: Your Fast Day Survival Kit is now available!

Are you trying ?through your first fast day, or do you need a boost on your fasting journey? This episode will get you through 每 thanks to Kate’s top 5 tips, a list of reasons why this approach works so well, plus the honest diary of her own first fast day.

PS: if you’re more of a visual person, there’s a shorter YouTube video I made on the same subject over here!
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Podcast 2: Planning your fast

It’s all go here as we gear up for the new year… Podcast 2 is now online.

learn the 5 things you MUST do before ?your first fast day 每 and hear tips from successful faster Kate Harrison plus instalment 2 of her very honest 5:2 Diet diary as she decides when to fast and how much to eat# the podcast is full of information on setting a goal, deciding how frequently to fast, charting your progress and choosing the perfect day to try the approach for the first time.
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5 2 Diet Podcast Episode 1 online now!

I’m very excited to announce the first 5:2 Diet Podcast – it’s 20 minutes long and shares my story and answers all the basic questions about 5:2 – what it is, how it works, why it’s so successful. You can listen from the website, or right-click to download the podcast and listen at your leisure! It’s also available via iTunes where you can subscribe so new episodes are downloaded automatically.

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